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My Beloved's Ring Katuba by Micah Parker
My Beloved's Ring "Katuba"
“Katuba” is a variant spelling of the word, “ketubah.” Unlike French or Spanish, which use the same alphabet as English, Hebrew uses a completely different set of characters. Because of this we have to transliterate Hebrew words into English. Since there is no letter for letter set of transliteration rules, we simply spell things phonetically. In many instances this leads to multiple spellings of the same word. While there is no absolutely correct transliteration of any individual Hebrew word, there are “accepted” spellings for many of these words. “Ketubah” is the most widely accepted English spelling of this Hebrew word, even though you may occasionally find it spelled, “katuba.” As Mark Twain once said, “If k-a-t doesn’t spell ‘cat,’ then what does it spell?”
Micah is now displaying his ongoing portfolio of his “katuba” and chuppah designs, as well as his other fine art works on this site. You may view these works neatly organized for you in the virtual galleries to the right. →
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